Talk about romantic! Zach reached out to me to capture his surprise proposal to his then-girlfriend, Cara. We met up in Times Square, which initially threw Cara off, as she wouldn't describe Times Square as "her vibe" – truthfully, not many do! We quickly moved on to Bryant Park where they strolled under the trees and just enjoyed each other's company. We worked our way around to the front of the New York Public Library (NYPL) – which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to shoot. It may look boring and beige to some, but it is perfect for any outfit and any vibe in my opinion!

Zach booked a hotel room and a violinist to play a song that is sentimental to them both once we arrived. Once I got the cue that the violinist was in place, I made up a story for why we would be going into a hotel during our session. Cara was totally surprised when we got to the room and saw the violinist and the gorgeous view, but of course, even more shocked when Zach got down on one knee. Congratulations to this beautiful couple!